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Since 1994
Exit Office Furniture Industry and Trade Limited Company has over 30 years of experience and employs over 800 personnel worldwide. They specialize in the design and production of office and home furniture, operating in a total of 50,000 square meters of production space in four different countries. Exit Office manufactures all metal, plastic, wood components, and assemblies in their own production facilities and has the necessary infrastructure for processes like chrome and metal plating, among others.
The Exit Office R&D unit operates to incorporate feedback obtained from the market regarding designs. Additionally, the R&D unit maintains close collaboration with market research, sales, after-sales services, and sales engineering departments.
Exit Office's production perspective is oriented towards applicable touches to product appearances, and it continues to work on the right projects by drawing inspiration from leading markets worldwide. Additionally, it adds new ergonomic designs to its products by evaluating global models.
One of the strongest aspects of Exit Office's design unit is its development of all designs in accordance with the internationally recognized safety testing standards known as BIFMA/ANSI. They have a well-equipped industrial laboratory that meets international, national, and in-house requirements and standards.
Thanks to the development policies in other units of Exit Office, the design unit's laboratory obtained the international ISO 17025 standard certification in 2001. Exit Office is headquartered in Turkey/Bursa and is an international company with numerous production facilities and offices in the Far East and the Middle East.

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